Wire Rope Hoists


MT305, MT308, MT312, MT316, MT525, M740, M950, M1125

Foot mounted hoists

Normal headroom hoists

Low headroom hoists

Industrial Cranes

Single Girder Bridge Crane

Double Girder Bridge Crane

Chain Hoists

CLN Series / up to 2 t

CLF Series / up to 2 t

CLW Series / up to 5 t

Hoists Components

Lifting Reducer

Geared Bush

Block Rollers

Rope Load Limiter

Crane Components

End carriages

Double girder trolleys

Crane drives

Electric power supply

Remote control


Wire rope slings                                                     Gearmotors

Hooks                                                                           Trolleys

Rope guides                                                              Controls

Electric motors

Podem Light Crane Systems

Light Crane System Prosystem

Jib Cranes

Customized Cranes


RC Series – Storing                          Container Handling Cranes

RR Series – Scrap                              Heavy Bridge Cranes

RT Series – Heat Treatment       Heavy Gantry Cranes

RP Series – Packing                         Heaby Jib Cranes

Lifting and Tilting

Lifting and tilting machines for containers and buggies

Swing loader

Pallet trucks



Jib heads