Plasma cutting

plasma-cuttingINCA provides you with plasma cutting for steel and other metals of different thicknesses. All work is done under strict measures of safety.

Laser cutting

laser-cutting Laser technologies for cutting are used to quickly and easily cut 2-D and 3-D metal parts. INCA performs laser cutting under controlled measures of safety.

Gas cutting

gas-cutting INCA executes quality oxy-fuel cutting, a process that uses fuel gases and oxygen to cut metals. We provide the oxy-fuel process as an industrial thermal cutting process.


bendingINCA provides excellent metalwork bending, also known as folding, which is a shape-changing manufacturing process used in sheet metalworking.

Roll bending

roll bendingINCA provides superb roll bending by experienced professionals. Roll bending produces a cylindrical shaped product from plate or steel metals.


Welding The welding process is performed by experienced and professional staff. INCA also provides with robotic welding. All our robotic welding stations are approached with safety.


punching INCA performs high quality metal forming process. For the process of punching we use a punch press to create various forms into steel sheets and other materials of different thicknesses.


machining INCA is capable of different forms of machining such as cutting, turning, milling, pressing, drilling etc. Those processes are carried out with great precision for the execution of high quality products.


blasting To prepare the material prior to the application of a coating, we use blasting. Blasting helps us remove existing coatings, iron oxide and heavy rust.


balancee123INCA delivers products which has to be balanced, like rotors. Balancing is a specialized profession and should be processed with care.

Wet painting

painting Painting of products is offered by INCA. We are able to paint a wide range of materials of different widths with an amazing quality.


kataforezINCA provides a fully automated process of painting by immersion. Cataphoresis is used to protect the surfaces from corrosion, and is a ideal treatment in heavy duty usage.


galvanizingExcellent INCA quality hot-dip galvanization prevents steel or iron to start rusting. This process applies a protective zinc coating to steel or iron.

Powder coating

powder-coating INCA works with various machines to provide you with high quality powder coating. The materials are coated electrostatically with polyester or polyester epoxy powder.


assembly Great care and precision are taken into account to assemble the different parts we have produced. We provide you with a fully assembled quality end product.


16814966427_200031e688_zWhen the end-product is ready for transport, an INCA-truck will pick-up the product directly from the factories and will bring it to your door. We provide a Track & Trace service.