Solar solutions

We combine in-house electrical and civil engineering expertise, our ability to supply high-quality electrical equipment, and our capability of manufacturing and installing support structures for PV installations to deliver tailor-made turnkey solutions for projects in the area of solar energy. 

Also offered is the possibility to include a complete or partial infrastructural solution like fencing or a CCTV installation.

The solar division employs over 250 people and is spread over 18.000 square meters of open space and 8.000 square meters of closed facility space. 

Operational capacity:

Manufacturing the supporting structure – 30 MW / month;
Installation (Ramming) capacity – 11 machines – 80000 piles / month;
Assembling of the Supporting structure – 30 MW / month;
Mounting of the PV panels – 30 MW/ month

Project examples:

Borssele, The Netherlands – 32 MW

Dobrich, Bulgaria – 24 MW

Bournemouth, UK – 8,5 MW

Fundulea, Romania – 7,5 MW